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The family environment that I grew up was related to English, as my mother was doing a kids’ English classroom and my grandfather had abundant experiences traveling abroad. But in terms of English learning I grew up in 100% English education in Japan. The first overseas travel has been in college.

While I was employed and attending international conferences at work and experiencing overseas assignment, I cried many times for lack of English skills of myself and the Japanese around me.

It can be said that “English is a tool”, but it is not until you or your organization or country belongs to a high position. From now on, English is necessary in terms of becoming a human resource contributing to society, and I think that it is essential to have a total language skill including lighting that does not have a right to properly meet partners and competitors from other countries.

I began to “art in English” from my desire to change English acquisition which took a lot of time and to encounter with colleagues familiar with education for children.

Children who have infinite possibilities increase the environment where you can naturally touch English and foreigners with a fun atmosphere, “Living yourself, living yourself, doing something you like, work on that ability I’d like to contribute to this realization.

P.S. . .

There are various opinions about the critical period of the brain, but I think that I can challenge myself to acquire a language even if it is how many.

In order to respond to changes in the environment and maximize the limited resources, our brain is only repeating scrap-and-build, no matter how old your age is, the correct learning method I believe that traveling with language learning can be started and learned at any time if you have intention (reading of pronunciation and training of instantaneous power) and willingness to come from strong emotions (to spend a fixed time every day).

However, again, age is related to learning languages, you may need to change reach level. For example, if you did not listen to English sounds in early childhood, it might be difficult to fully understand the sound of English.

I think that it is possible to acquire the necessary languages ​​for the “now” of adults by covering it with the skills to understand the context before and after, the instantaneous power, and other human powers.

However, it is not necessary for future children to be the same start line.


Liasys Learning Center · Liacys Co., Ltd.

Origin of name:

Is Not About Life Finding Yourself.  L Ife  I S  A Bout  C Reating  Y Our S Elf.

-by George Bernard Shaw-

(Japanese translation)

Life is not about finding yourself. Life is to create myself.

(Bernard Shaw, Irish playwright, Nobel Prize for literature award / 1856 to 1950)



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