Significance of learning English in early childhood

Early childhood brains receive and absorb whatever they are interested in, and it is said that neurons forged (stimulated) at this time will last for a lifetime.

Research on the brain is done everywhere, there are various views when compiling books, reports, experts’ stories, and the environments of children are also quite different, there is no unified conclusion.

Discussion will be divided on what kind of English education should be given especially from what age to children. Among them, there are many opinions that there is an effect to train the body of English “sound (pronunciation, rhythm)” especially in early childhood, and the sense of our center is the same. It is a time when an early childhood is important for the training of English ears.

Also, it is said that everything will start from learning about the learning process with fun playing. So the process to learn is fun. I feel interested from having fun playing, I think listening to people’s stories will lead to learning.

<Learning process>

Have fun → Interest → Try (Play) → Fun → I made → I was praised → I am glad → I try again (I repeat over and over) → I repeat → I repeat

At the rear cis learning center, we will focus on building the fundamental physical strength of sound. In terms of four languages ​​skills, listening ability is strengthened. This is what you should do at the moment ‘now’ against language.

As a method, I enjoy showering English with fun.

While enjoying interests such as drawing and dancing, I will repeatedly input the raw sound of foreigners in the conversation of that activity. However, this is part of the language skill training, and it is necessary to take the whole course of the language course steadily steadily for language acquisition.

Even if you live abroad while you are small it is not easy in terms of language acquisition. If you see only simple child-to-child greetings or light conversations without argument, you may speak with a clean pronunciation as soon as you are a young child, and your language may seem to have improved.

However, in order to put “the language ability necessary for true global human resources”, that is, “to logically construct your own ideas and explain your ideas and assert themselves to different parties with different interests” Continuous environmental improvement and efforts are essential.

Based on that situation, when you return from the “Activity class in English” at the rear-sized learning center, please ask your child what you played and played. And please never let your adult judge you, express your empathy with interest.

Even if the language to be communicated is in Japanese, explaining to the parents happily what they felt in the class leads to an improvement in Japanese language ability and logic power, which in turn leads to accelerated language skill improvement. It would be fun if parents could look into the child’s head.

You can not miss the utility on the brain and body due to the activity itself. Art is also used for mental healing as well. Using the fingertips gives you the power to control your hand yourself and it is said that it has the effect of relieving stress and anxiety of children because it can express things that are difficult to express by words as compared with adults.

Enjoying arts and dancing in English with five senses, I will continue activities as more children with the ability to live sensibly and healthily live.