It is an introduction to the world of “Art in English”.

By foreign leader’s lecture, I draw intentional drawings.

Sometimes there are also very detailed tasks. I will create one shape by sticking Origami Origami to my drawing paper with my hands.

Children are always expressing them freely here. It sometimes gets dirty, spills water on the palette which mixes paint.

I straddle the river drawn on the canvas and jump.

I never get angry, but I urge you to focus on art expression in a natural way in English.

Sometimes an art teacher explains in English and shows it and shows it, sometimes children imitate and express them if you like them.

I will ask you which color you want to use in English. I will ask you what you want to draw from several choices. Although I do not select anything at first, as I get used to it, I begin to express it as “to do this.”

In addition to drawing on the campus, I will also make surfaces and molded objects.

It is obviously necessary to discipline on everyday life. But this is a world where I express myself freely. I am familiar with English naturally in expressing freely.

One mother told us that the stress of the child seems to be dissipated here.

Even adults may sometimes refresh by talking (expressing yourself) at a cafe or pub.

I am waiting for you in the world of ‘art in English’ where I can freely express myself.